Friday, March 27, 2009

My mission to Kampung Gana Kota Marudu.

Visit to Kg Gana, which is a resettlement village in Kota Marudu.
The dates are as follows:-
01 May to 03May (Thursday - Saturday)

That us....

It was quite a tough destination for us. But with the helped of the 4 wheels drive we managed to reach Kg Gana. We were also helped by the dentist doctor and her group from Kota Marudu Hospital.
I could say, Kampung Gana is located in the isolated place. The houses there looks bad. Some are abandon. It was a waste to build the house without someone living there. The soil are not fertile. That's the reason the communities living in Kg Gana are not into farming. There were no development in that area.

The crowds waiting for their turns...

Anyway, the medical screening had a good response. Everybody was attended except that the medicine we brought was not enough.
Our foods was taken care by the people there, but unfortunately was charged too expensive though we brought our own foods and they just had to cook for us....but anyway that was a lesson for us.

I liked the little house where we ate. We had a good sleep at the Kindergarten. It was quite cold at night and especially early morning. I am not sure if Mercy would come back to this place...maybe... :p

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I from there(kg gana